Designers’ Show House Tour App

Announcing the Designers’ Show House Tour App!

This year the JLD is providing a free app for you to download to your mobile device.

Listen to full details about each and every room as you tour the house – headphones will be provided.

Download the app, or scan the QR Code with a QR reader to open the audio guided tour on your mobile device:

The app is now live and can be downloaded at any time by following these instructions:

1. Go to the app store on your device.
2. Search for the izi.TRAVEL app
3. Download the izi.TRAVEL app (you may need your password to do this)
4. The JLD Designer’s Show House will be the first tour on the page, click on this tour.
5. Choose to download the entire tour to your device (there is not a consistent wifi signal throughout the house so you will want to have the tour stored on your device in order to access the audio tour anywhere on the property)
6. Plug in your provided earbuds and enjoy your tour!

DSH Izi Download Button

qr_code jldshowhouse

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