Putting On a Show House – A Room With a View

Where to begin? February came and went so quickly; even with an extra day this year we still could have done with more time to catch up on our many projects.

The opening day is getting closer; we are now just 9 weeks away from when the doors officially open on May 7th.

All the committees have been incredibly busy, and we have many great events to look forward to including ‘a first’ for the Designer’s Show House – a Tiny House. This will be located in the grounds of the show house and we are very excited given the popularity of tiny houses right now. We wait in anticipation to see how the small shed is transformed; it will certainly have a great view of the lake.

Since our last blog post the house has undergone many changes – the floors, heating system, electrics, plumbing and the kitchen have been transformed, and continue to be upgraded. The photo’s below offer a small glimpse as to the extent of the changes the house is currently witnessing. It is hard to keep up with the daily alterations, and I think we have all swallowed more than our fair share of dust.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That said, the house is going to look superb and it is our pleasure to announce the 2016 Designers’ Show House room assignments’, welcoming some new designers and many old friends.

We are very excited by the plans these talented designers have for each and every room; all visitors to the show house will be guaranteed a room with a view, both inside and out.

Full details, room assignments and contact details can be found by clicking here.

In another exciting development advanced tickets are now on sale – purchase your tickets before May 6th to get them at the advanced price of $20 per person. Tickets during the event are $25 per person.

Stay tuned for the upcoming press releases, which will be appearing soon in the local media. We will be have details about the opening party on May 6th, updates on all the events that will be taking place at the house during May 7th – May 22nd, along with exciting news about a very special Packard weekend, May 13-15, including Packard vehicles on display and a Packard Prohibition Party on Friday, May 13.

For now, we can only hope the weather starts to improve and we can start working on the garden and transforming it into a beautiful lush lawn. After all a room with a view of the lake is a rather pretty one…a view of the diggers…not so much.

lake 2 Digger 2

Written by Katie Doelle
© 2016 Junior League of Detroit

One thought on “Putting On a Show House – A Room With a View

  1. This will be the third show house I will have the pleasure of viewing. Your team does a remarkable job every year. Your newsletter and slideshow surely get one excited about the finished product. And of course the funds raised for charity are so welcome to the community. Kudos to you all.


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