Putting On a Show House – A Tale of Two Parties

It was the best of weather, it was the worst of weather…but despite the dramatic change in seasons – in less than a week – the first events of the 21st Designers’ Show House were a huge success.

Sneak A Peek weekend was an amazing experience. The 60-degree temperatures helped attract 1643 people to our inaugural event. We can safely say every single person who came through the house was amazed at the many unique features and the extent of the renovations taking place. Sadly, due to safety reasons the basement was not open on this occasion but we can guarantee it will be fully open in May, as will the garden.

One of our favorite parts of the house is undoubtedly the six-door oak paneled refrigerator, which was a popular addition in houses of this era. Many of you were fascinated by this installation, and it proved a popular topic of conversation, as did the large sink in the butlers’ pantry and what it is made from – possibly German silver? We hope to have the answer to this question in the near future.


Coming out of the breakfast room, many of you commented on the cute little copper elephant that is part of the fountain on the side of the terrace. Incase you missed the little guy, here he is.


Aside from the house many of you got chance to purchase one the fantastic Christmas Wreaths and decorative Bows – the greenery smelled wonderful as we were setting up the display and certainly put all of us in the holiday sprit. Also in the garage was our Project EAT display – the JLD’s community Impact Initiative. Project EAT connects food Education, Access and Tool to help families eat healthy meals together. Funded by the Designers’ Show House it proved a great opportunity to display one of our Kitchen Kits.

There was a horrible moment when the concrete dust from the freshly poured driveway billowed across the lawn and headed straight towards Marjorie and the Pyrex dishes but thankfully they all survived.


Seven Days later, winter had arrived and guests attending the gala party made it through very snowy slushy conditions to enjoy music, dinner and dancing. A great time was had by all and what a way to kick off the holiday season.

Parties and weather aside the planning and preparation continues in earnest by the 18 committees. The designers and landscape designers toured the house last week, they in the process of submitting their proposals for the rooms they would like to design. We are also developing some wonderful ideas for the special events that will take place at the House in May, and tickets for the main event are already at the printers.

In the mean time we continue to enjoy the dramatic changes continuing at the house, and ponder just how we managed to fit all the display and event items in 4 cars when we collected everything from the storage unit. That mystery continues, but in the mean time as attentions turn to planning the main event we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Katie Doelle
© 2015 Junior League of Detroit